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Tips for Student Success

Check out these important tips for your child.

  • Safety Tip
    Parents, please make sure that when you are on campus you are teaching and modeling how to move safely on campus. Using crosswalks and walking to your destinations are always best practice!
  • MYD/Kids at Hope Tip
    We always talk with our students about where they see themselves in the future, and we make connections with them through our citizenship program MYD about the importance of making good choices each day.
  • Tech Tip
    Parents, please talk with your children about the appropriate use of cell phones on campus. Students should have cellphones off and in their backpacks if they are going to be onsite. Remember that the cell phones are the responsibility of the students when they bring them to school. Thank you.

Mathematics K-5 Curriculum Adoption Review

Mathematics k-5 materials will be on display at each of the seven school libraries and the Teaching and Learning Department at the district office during normal school hours beginning on December 19, 2017, through March 2, 2018, for review. We invite staff, parents, and community members to vote for their choice from the recommended publishers.

Curriculum Materials

Pearson enVision 2.0

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Go Math!

Voting Ballot

Please see our mathematics k-5 curriculum review flyer for more information.

Congratulations, Flag Football Team!

Quentin Elementary boys flag football team won the district championship for the second time in three years. Thank you to our coaches Mr. Ruthmansdorfer and Mr. Crowe for their hard work and dedication to our students. We also want to thank our junior high teachers for going the extra mile by providing tutoring and homework help to our football players to keep them eligible.

Tax Credit Information

Reduce your Arizona state tax by contributing to Littleton Elementary District schools! The state of Arizona allows taxpayers to take advantage of wonderful tax credits. Please consider donating to the Littleton Elementary District schools. Simply download, print, and return a form to the district office or any one of our schools today. Our goal is to double the amount collected last year. We need your help to accomplish this! Remember, a tax credit is better than a tax deduction.

Art Education Page

We have a new district Art Education page. We will be adding new things to the page in the coming weeks, so visit often.

Check out our new Art Education page here!

Safety Reminders

We care about the safety of our students. Please take the time to read these safety tips.

  • Parents picking up and dropping off students must use the West parking lot.
  • Use crosswalks when crossing the parking lots and streets. It’s for our children’s safety.
  • Avoid parking in the bus lane in front of the school office (and in the west bus lane during kindergarten arrival/dismissal times) or in any moving traffic lane.
  • Avoid picking your children up or dropping them off on Whyman. Stopping on the street is against the law.

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